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Durian is a fruit of the tree. The name durian Malay term probably derived from the thorn of a given word's suffix so that the durian. This word is mainly used to describe sharp barbed fruit skin.
Durian fruit trees from forests of Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo in the form of wild plants. Westward spread of durian is to Thailand, Burma, India and Pakistan. Durian fruit has been known in Southeast Asia since the 7th century AD Another name is the durian durian (Java, Gayo), duriang (Manado), dulian (Toraja), rulen (East Seram).

Benefits besides durian fruit as fresh fruit and processed foods other, there are benefits from other parts, namely:
1. Durian as erosion control on sloping lands
2. Stalks for building materials / home furnishings. Durian wood sengon commensurate with wood because the wood tends to straight.
3. Seeds which have relatively high starch content, potentially as an alternative to food (the mixed slurry can be made flesh).
4. Durian leather used as raw ash is good, with. how sun-dried until dry and burnt to shreds.

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