Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010


This tree has compound leaves whose length can reach 50 cm, pink flowers that usually appear at the end of the limb. This tree branched a lot and can grow up to 5 m. No other tropical plants are like, star fruit tree does not need much sunlight. The spread of star fruit tree is very wide, because the seeds spread by bees. Starfruit yellow-green fruit. When new growth, green fruit. If cut, this fruit has a star-shaped cross section. Small and brown seeds. The fruit is crispy when eaten, taste sweet and slightly sour. This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C. One type of star fruit, starfruit wuluh called, is often used for seasoning dishes, especially to give a sour taste in masakan.Salah a region famous for the production of olive ridley is Demak, Java-sized Tengah.Belimbing famous Demak big, bright yellow warnaya and sweet taste

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