Senin, 20 September 2010

Daily activities

- Today is Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 05:00am I woke up to implement shalat. And then at 5:30 am I get ready to leave for school starting from preparing the books and school supplies, shower and wear uniform.After finished getting ready at 6:30 am I make breakfast a time to have the energy to study.And then after breakfast at 6:50 am I leave for school. After school hours until 7:15am in the school bell was ringing. Is time me to start the ceremony until 08.00am. After ceremony I was given a little time to get ready to start learning.But before starting my first lesson and friends to pray according to the trust each to me and my friends were given adequate protection and science at any study .After pray starting activity learning activities of teaching and learning took place for about 30min 5hour 08.00am-01.30pm.But in between my learning activities to carry out a time to pray at 01:30pm Dzuhur. And teaching and learning activities were completed and the time for me and my friends to come home each. And had come home from school at 02:00pm I got home. After I got home, I rushed to change clothes and eat dinner.After I rested for a while and came ashar prayer time. Then when evening came time my maghrib prayer and watching television for a while. And in the evening when I ate last night I was doing my school work until around 10:00pm, after that I went to bed.

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