Rabu, 22 September 2010

Daily Activities

Today is Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 at 05:00am I woke up to implement to pray..Next at 5:30 am I get ready to go to school starting from preparing the books and school supplies, shower and wearing uniform.After finished getting ready at 6:30 am I make breakfast a time to have the energy to learning.And then after breakfast at 6:50 am I leave for school. After school hours until 7:15 in the school bell was ringing. Is time me to start learning.But before starting my first lesson and friends to pray according to their own beliefs that I and my friends and science are given adequate protection during learning.After activity begins to pray and learning activities were teaching and learning took place for approximately 6 hours 15 minutes 07.30am-01.45pm.But on the sidelines of my learning activities to implement a time to prayer at 01:45pm Dzuhur.And teaching and learning activities were completed and at 02:00pm hour's time my students to go home.But indirect tutoring after school because there are chemical lessons lasted 1hours 30minutes.After finished my chemistry lessons to come home at 4.30pm. After she got home I hurried to change clothes and meals. After lunch I rested for a while and then to perform their prayers ashar. Then when the time evening came I pray maghrib and watch television for a while. And in the evening after my dinner last night I did my school work until around 10:00pm, and then I went to bed quite so tomorrow morning I'm not tired at school


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